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Fouling of the boiler tubes is a concern when firing fuels such as coal oil biomass and other waste. Deposits from the combustion process can accumulate on the boiler tubes causing operational difficulties and reduced thermal efficiency.

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Should I Use Antifreeze? 3 Rules For Antifreeze Use In An ...

Normally freezing the water in an outdoor boiler can be avoided by doing the following things: (i) have a friend put wood in the boiler and keep it running or (ii) keep the pump running and allow the forced air system to backfeed some heat into the circulating boiler water.

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(PDF) Design of an Ethanol Distillation Plant

movement also affects the condensing of ethanol and at the same time cooling a nd striping o f the ethanol out of . ... The maximum amount of mash that this boiler can contain is 24 litres.

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