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Alembic Pot Still Alcohol Distilling Instructions ...

Nov 08 2017 · Once the pot still has been prepared turn the boiler on and switch it to boil. The liquid inside will begin to heat up and eventually start to boil. When the temperature on the condenser temperature probe reads around 55°C (131°F) it is a good idea to turn on the cold water tap. Adjust the flow through the condenser to around 2.5 L/minute.

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Methanol Evaporators and Condensers for Biodiesel ...

Sep 26 2017 · Condensers: The duty of the heat exchangers was to condense either pure methanol or a mixture of vapors phases (composed by condensable components as methanol and water and non-condensable ones as air). Moreover the condensation had to take place in vacuum conditions.A correct thermal design of the heat exchangers was a critical point in this case.

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