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Electric Boiler Cost | Cost to Install an Electric Boiler

Jun 25 2020 ยท The average cost to install an electric boiler is $1500 - $6500 with most people paying around $3000 for a 27000BTU electric hot water boiler designed for heating an 800sq.ft. addition with radiant floor heating. Electric Boiler Costs . Electric fired boiler system installation costs; National average cost:

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2021 Cost of Boiler | Installation & Replacement Cost ...

A new boiler costs $1500 to $2500 to install. Youll usually hire an HVAC professional for this job although it may vary by location. HVAC professionals charge anywhere from $75 to $125 an hour with some companies charging up to $200 an hour. Expect labor to come in at a flat rate with two technicians completing the job in a few hours.

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